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Technicians at Island Waters Pool Service will keep your pool or spa sparkling clean and running smoothly by expertly executing a thorough service protocol each and every service day.

Weekly Service Checklist:

  • Test and adjust water chemistry and sanitizer levels
  • Remove all debris from the pool, vacuum if necessary
  • Brush: tile, waterline, niches, walls, floors, and seating areas
  • Empty baskets: pump, skimmer and leaf canister
  • Inspect pool equipment for clogs, leaks and broken items/parts
  • Leave door hanger with notes as needed

Our checklist is one of the most comprehensive, plus we can craft a flexible plan that fits your specific needs:

  • weekly full service
  • every other week full service
  • hybrid service plans
    (For example: every week full service for the summer and every other week service for the winter.)
  • chemical stops


dirty pool
A wind storm left this pool a total mess.


clean pool
Due to a non-functioning and dirty filter, our pool technician meticulously removed all of the debris with only a pole and net.

We’re willing to work with you.

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We’re willing to work with you.

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