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The human body is gifted with 5 senses:  the sense of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell.  All play a part in raising your awareness of what is about you.  In many cases, they may keep you safe from harm and danger.

Consider the case of the sense of smell.  Walking into any hotel pool, we are often greeted by a blast of overpowering odors.  This can cause red, burning eyes and burning sensations in the nose and throat.  If we try to swim in the water it leaves the skin dry and itchy and ruins hair.  In this instance, we fully expect your nose deceive you and lead you to think:

. . . if you smell chlorine you have way too much chlorine.

Ironically, the opposite is really what you are experiencing.  If you can smell the wonderful aroma of chlorine, you are actually smelling what is called chloramine.

When chlorine is added to swimming pool water, it is virtually odorless.  That’s because it is in the form referred to as free chlorine.  Free chlorine is the “good” chlorine – the chlorine that kills the bacteria and germs.

However, when free chlorine reacts with organic contaminants like those introduced into pool water by swimmers or by nature, it forms combined chlorine (= chloramine.)  Chloramines are a very poor sanitizer that emits a strong chlorine odor.

When you perform your weekly pool maintenance routine, one of the most important things you do is shocking the pool.  What we are actually doing is oxidizing the pool water, or said another way, a chemical cleansing of the water, to help burn off nasty things that combine with the chlorine in the water and lead to chloramines.  In the old school way of doing things, that meant the adding of more chlorine.  Today, one newer class of chemicals is non-chlorine oxidizers, where complex oxygen compounds do the work.

As it turns out, oxygen is the most natural way to oxidize or burn off contaminants in pool water.  The non-chlorine oxidizers most commonly used today have some if not dominant inclusion of monopersulfate (MPS).  The chlorine-free monopersulfate is a powerful waste eliminator, algae preventer, and water purifier.  It also frees up available chlorine to destroy bacteria.

Nowhere did I say MPS is a substitute for chlorine.  Rather, the benefits of chlorine will be dramatically enhanced by your use of MPS and together as your form “shocking” the pool water, will result in sparkling clear pool water all season long.