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To be honest, my foremost interest as your Pool Guy rests squarely on providing a swimming pool environment that is safe and enjoyable for most everyone.

But what about that person who came to the party gathering without a swim suit?  Your challenge as the party host  is to make that person comfortable no matter the situation.  And what better way is there than to nestle them into the best outdoor furniture around.  To get you headed off in the right direction you needn’t look any further than the following video, Pottery Barn’s Guide to Outdoor Furniture.  In a short breezy discussion, they cover the wood considerations, materials selections, and of course the Pottery Barn’s lineup of choice manufacturers.

For the budget-conscious, a quick Google search of “outdoor living furniture” revealed the giant retailer Ikea, the regional Living Spaces, the garden section of Lowes and Pier 1 provide the buying public with alternate choices.

Summer is not right around the corner but there’s no better time to plan, budget and execute on your own unique Backyard Paradise.  Aloha!