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The essential purpose of a pool filter is to literally scrub pool water of debris and contaminants by capturing it in a filter element, whether that be the paper folds of a cartridge or the slurry made from diatomaceous earth (powderized dried plankton bodies) covering filter grids. Over time and as the filter becomes increasingly dirty and clogged with foreign matter, the water flow slows, the turnover of water becomes less frequent and the pool water quality begins to suffer making it less clear, less clean and ultimately, less pleasurable for your swimming guests.

After summer long use of a pool with normal swim traffic, ‘before cleaning’ pictures of a residential filter can typically look like the following:

Backwashing a diatomaceous earth filter, or simply stated, a D.E. filter, may give temporary improvements to water quality, but the longest lasting procedure you could do to achieve crystal clear and clean pool water is to do a full breakdown filter cleaning.

A full breakdown filter cleaning also allows for a careful inspection of the filter’s internal components. On occasion, grids/cartridges/manifolds may develop structural failure allowing for unfiltered pool water to pass through back to the pool and spa.