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  • Q? Are we licensed and insured?

    A. The State of California does not offer or require licenses for pool care providers. However, as a Certified Pool Operator (CPO), we possess the nationally-recognized distinction of being a certified technician by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, an organization devoted to aquatic health and safety. Additionally, while we’ve never had a claim filed against us in the 23 years we’ve been in business, we recognize the risks associated with providing service to homeowners on their property. In recognition of that, we hold Certificate of Liability Insurance providing coverage up to $2,000,000 per occurrence.

  • Q? What if there is a low water condition?
    A. Our insurance company prevents us from adding water. Instead we will leave you a note on a door hanger to encourage you to raise the pool’s water level.
  • Q? Will we show up unannounced?
    A. Island Waters Pool Service respects your privacy and your property. Every effort will be made to keep to the mutually agreed upon service day. Unfortunately, certain situations cannot be avoided and servicing of your pool may occur on the next day. On those rare occasions when rescheduling becomes necessary, we will call you to arrange for a future visit.
  • Q? What forms of payment do you accept?
    A. In addition to accepting cash, personal checks or bill-paying service checks, we can now also accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. On our website, you can pay for pool service invoices, repairs, parts, whole goods like pumps, filters and heaters, and pool chemical supplies from our online store with a credit card.
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  • Q? What do you charge?
    A. We choose to customize the monthly service charge to fit the needs of the pool and the family situation of the pool owner. In this business environment, we feel the competitive forces in play and automatically reflect that in the rate schedule. We can state that monthly rates begin at $85 per month. Inquire with a phone call for more details. We also benefit you with a variety of service plans to match up what we achieve for the pool to the family budget. Also know that the monthly service charge does not vary for months having five service days.
  • Q? Are our service technicians trained?
    A. Yes. All of our service care technicians are either Certified Pool/Spa Operators or are working towards becoming a CPO. Furthermore, through our membership with United Pool Associates, a swimming pool professional’s trade organization, we receive re-education sessions and/or product knowledge seminars on the latest technological advancements in the industry. We are also regular attendees of the industry’s poolman convention, the Western Pool and Spa Show, held in Long Beach, CA. While there, Island Waters service technicians can be typically found in the major pool equipment manufacturers product updates classes and training sessions covering basic to advanced topics in all things associated to swimming pool maintenance, repair and water quality.
  • Q? What is your service area?
    A. We will entertain adding new customers from Lake Forest to the north, east to Rancho Santa Margarita, south to San Clemente and west to Laguna Beach.