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Still have questions?

  1. How long have you been in business as a pool man?
    I started in 1994.
  2. Are you an employee or is Island Waters Pool Service your company?
    I am a one-stop do-it-all pool service company. I perform regular weekly pool maintenance, repairs of older equipment, and installation of new equipment. Occasionally, I have a helper but you will deal directly with me for all of your customer service needs.
  3. Can you describe what you’ll be doing for me if I hire you?
    • Chlorine test and adjustment
    • Water pH test / Total alkalinity test to determine how much muriatic acid to add.
    • Netting/brushing the pool tile
    • Netting the top surface of the water
    • Netting or vacuuming the pool floor of debris
    • Emptying skimmer-pump baskets-inline baskets
    • Brushing pool walls and/or pool floor as needed
    • Administering sanitizers, muriatic acid, phosphate removers and algaecides
    • Securing the backyard by ensuring that child safety fences get latched and/or locked, latching the side gate entries to the backyard.
  4. What do you charge?
    It depends. My minimum charge for weekly servicing of pools is $85 and my minimum charge for weekly service of spas is $65.
  5. How often will you come?
    It depends on the specific service plan you choose. I can come weekly or every other week.
  6. Will you add water to my pool or spa?
    My insurance company forbids me to add water to your pool. I can, however, leave you a reminder that you need to add some water.
  7. Are you insured?
    I carry $2,000,000 liability coverage.
  8. What services incur a possible extra charge?
    Semi-annual filter cleanings, algaecides and/or phosphate removers as needed.
  9. Will you be pulling off my pool cover?
    I can, but it will be an extra charge of $10.00 per occurrence. I will not, however, place the cover back on. The alternative would be that we agree to a particular service day and the night before you pull off the cover. Under that scenario, you save the $10 pool cover removal charge. Even in this situation, I will not put the cover back on.
  10. What if there are 5 weeks in a month, do you charge extra for that 5th service stop?
    My monthly service fee is the same whether it is a 4 or 5 week month.
  11. Do you take vacation and when?
    I take 2 weeks of vacation a year and rarely during the summer months.

Call: 949‑310-1610